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Dining: Sakae Supper Buffet

Food Eaten: 22 coloured plates (Various sushi and hot food) /2 red plates (Seasoned Jellyfish/Scallop Sashimi)
Comments: Value for money!! Its good to try all the things that you don’t normally eat during this buffet!! 😀 Certain items were not so fresh especially those that have been revolving on the belt for too long. The sushi rice is also not too cold. The sashimi was fresh 😀
Drinks Consumed: 2 Hot green tea
Comments: Sakae’s green tea is still the nicest 😀
Value for money/Affordability : Definitely especially with the ongoing promotion!
Total Damage including GST & Service Charge: $16 nett for the buffet including one free red plate. (new launch promotion) green tea @ $1.15 nett per cup.     
Service: Not bad but can see they are pretty tired coz the supper buffet is from 10pm – 12 midnight..last order @ 11.30pm. Then sometimes they did forget some orders and we had to remind them a few times.  
Would I go back again?: Yup. most probably but not so often as it can get pretty fattening 😀 buffet ma…lols
*Sidenote! This buffet is only available at the Marina Square branch and certain items like chawanmushi may not be available due to the popularity of the item.
So its better to go early ! 😀
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Chill Out Place: Merbau

Located: 80 Neil Road
Decor: Red..artsy…uncomfortable sofas though…
Price: Reasonable but a little high…
You judge for yourself ~
3 buckets of beer ($32 for 5 btls each bucket) – Hoegarden/Asahi/Carlsberg
2 Shirley Temple
1 bottle of Tequila housepour ($128)
All @ $268
Extra Tidbits: The air con is really cold and there are only 2 toilets but they are generous with their mixers.
Would I go back? : Probably for their bucket of 5 beers but not sure if they charge 10% 5% and 1% anot…coz din get to see the receipt 😀  
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Club : Double O

Day: Wednesday
Promo: Ladies Night
Damage: $25 entry for guys, $12 per jug, $3 per glass and tequila shooter/pop
Music: Dance/Top 40 – Good beat..
Crowd: Mixed ages not really crowded
Free flow drinks: one of the few clubs that include premium mixers into their free flow. Premium mixers like redbull,fruit juices…:) has a speciality cocktail and shooter on their free flow list too.
Clubbing Tidbits: If u wanna get a seat.. better go early. Music ends around 3am. ^^ 
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Anime: Green Green TV

Stars: Yuusuke,Midori,Futaba,Reika and 3 other guys -.- who basically are dumb :X
Genre: Romance/Comedy/A little nudity
Plot: Dating Game…with a twist. 
Total Episodes: 12
Ending: Sad but a must watch!
Summary: Its a bunch of girls who go to a guy school to test out a merger between their two schools. During this trial out with the girls, the main character who is very kind by nature has 3 friends who uses pervertic ways to know the girls in the group. Then the 3 friends keep dragging the main character into their escapades…
From the start, the main character is also being chased by a girl from the group who fought fate to love him. Eventually as the story develops. the coolest girl in the group also falls for the main character and a complex love triangle begins.
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Movie Review: Take the Lead

The Stars: pretty unknown except for Antonio Banderas who acts as Mr Dulaine 
The Plot: To sum it up – Sexy moves,lots of butt shaking,wise cracks,sexy accents,a bitch everyone loves to hate and a bunch of kids who learn value in their life through ballroom dancing.
Flow of the movie: 1st half was a little draggy/2nd half a little rushed
The Action: Not enough dancing but still alright.
The Romance: Like the way they built up the chemisty between Rock and Levitt
The Directing: A little shaky at times…did not like it that they force us to watch the credits
The Graphics/Special Effects: Not much in this show 🙂
The Ending: Could have been better..felt a little short changed by the ending 
Overall comments: Its a show that I would watch on weekdays onli.
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Dinner: Cafe Cartel Branch: Cineleisure

Food Eaten: Sirloin Steak/Pork Ribs/Chef Salad/Minestrone/Bread
Comments: Large portions that were a little hard to finish. Overall is still ok..but wasn’t that fantastic. They no longer chill the butter for the bread. :<
My friend complained that the steak was rubbery. He ordered Medium rare.  
Drinks Consumed: Ice peach tea
Comments: tastes suspiciously like lipton peach tea 😀
Value for money/Affordability : Due to the large portions…its really value for money but actually at the prices they are at…I can’t help but wish that they make the portion smaller and make it more affordable instead.
Total Damage including GST & Service Charge: $55
Service: Slow and a bit brainless. The food came so fast..that there was no place to put them. -.- Plus they serve the salad last -.- duh… 
Would I go back again?: Don’t think so…a little too pricey with so so food. At the prices they charged..I rather go for suki sushi’s buffet or yuki yaki’s buffet.
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Last post

My blog is back!!
I will still come here once in a while :X
and …my photo album/lists will always be updated!
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I make my own life difficult and miserable :X
okok..think I am going back to blogspot -.-
I might delete here. or maybe not.
If you read….pls commenT! i dun wan ur names or identities..
juz wanna know someone is out there :X
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Hey you! Yes you!

If you read. drop me a comment.
regardless who u are.
if u wanna stay anoymous.
just write somoene or anything.
I allowed everyone to post comments.
I just wanna know ^^
so pls do it for me….pretty pls 😀
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